Two years. Two years is a long time in the paintball world. Teams are created, tournaments are won, tournaments are lost, teams fall apart, teams are rebuilt, dedication dwindles, teams fall apart. 

For us, the past two years, our first two years, haven’t gone the way most of most teams. What started out as a group of kids and Super Dave’s Open Play All-Stars quickly morphed into a divisional powerhouse. At the end of the Season One, Phenomenon fell just a few points shy of our first Series Championship. At the end of Season Two, Phenomenon dominated the MSXL D4, ending the season with a perfect record. The lower line proved to be a powerhouse of their own, winning each MSXL D4 RT2 event they played.

When Super Dave decided to put down the gun and pick up the whistle, he was determined to do it his way. His team would focus on winning paintball and nothing else. The only style points that would count were the dives into the snake, the slides into the doritos, and the cross-field gun battles that would all ultimately lead to pressing the buzzer. No gear packages, no pay-to-play, no requirement for matching anything except for one: the long-sleeved t-shirts that would serve as the team jerseys. After countless years of playing tournament ball, Dave was committed to proving that only your heart, your skill, and your dedication, is what it takes to be a champion. And in two years, it has been proven.

Two years. As we embark on another season, with another two years (and more) in our view, we are moving forward, upward, onward. Now, we have a partner. Phenomenon is proud to announce we have accepted a sponsorship from Dye Paintball for the 2018 & 2019 seasons. We know what it takes to win; Dye knows what it takes to look good doing it.

“A team is a group of people working together towards a common goal. The sum is greater than the individual. Without the support of the Coach, Management, and Pit Staff, Phenomenon would not be successful. We look to grow our family even stronger with the support of Dye.” – Eric Buettner, #64, D3