We play paintball. More specifically, the fast-paced, high-intensity sport of paintball. 

We are not afforded the same opportunities as mainstream sports or even other extreme sports. It is unlikely any of us will ever get a scholarship or make a living playing this game, but isn’t going to stop us from trying.

What we do have is a dream. A goal. We are here to leave our mark on the sport we love. We take our unique style of rage and grace to paintball tournaments across the country, in our quest to be the best

In 2017, we played the MSXL Series with two lines: D4 RaceTo-4 & D4 RaceTo-2. In six events we brought home 6 First Place Wins and 1 Series Championship. 

In 2018, we won the MSXL D3 Series, taking a podium spot at each of the 4 events. We also took 2nd place in the D3 NXL North American Cup, which was played by the Series Champions from 6 NXL Affiliate Leagues in North America at World Cup.

Some may love us. 

Some may hate us. 

All will have to deal with us. 


4 months ago

Phenomenon STL

We did things our way.

We missed our first Series Championship by just a hair. We made sure that didn’t happen the next year. And the next. Our way was not easy. It was, at times, unconventional. But we were determined to stay the course. And we did. We took guys who had never played more than a beginner’s tournament to being ranked D2 in three seasons. We took home back-to-back Series Championships. We made memories that will last a lifetime.

We worked hard, now it’s someone else’s turn.

At this time, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to disband the team.

Thank you to all who have supported us along the way, whether on the field or from the sidelines. Friends, family, fans, and opponents alike.

Thank you to DYE Paintball for making sure we had the equipment we needed and for the endless support and advice along the way.

Thank you to Todd Martinez, Carlos Sanchez, and Raza Paintball for keeping us looking fresh and having faith in us.

Thank you to HydraDill for that sweet, sweet pickle hydration.

Thank you to Dane Hawkins for immortalizing it all on film.

Thank you to Tore Briguglio and Xtreme Paintball Park for the best practice field in the area.

Thank you to our staff for allowing our players to focus on the task at hand and never needing to worry about having clean and working gear, podded paint, or anything else besides winning.

Thank you to our players who put their heart, soul, blood, bones, sweat, and guts into the past 3 years.

We could not have accomplished all we did without all of you.

Family is forever and you are forever our family.

Phenomenally yours,

Dave and Janelle

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7 months ago

Phenomenon STL

#FBF This time last year, when the weather was in the teens (but not threatening to snow 8+ inches), we got our hands on our brand new @dyepaintball gear.

The M2 works just as phenomenally today as it did then, straight out of the box.

#weworkhardsoyoudonthaveto #dyepaintball #razapaintball #picklehydration #hydradill #dyem2 #dyem2mosair #dyer2 #dyei5

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7 months ago

Phenomenon STL

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

We dusted off our DYE Paintball gear & got to work this weekend.

#weworkhardsoyoudonthaveto #dyepaintball #razapaintball #picklehydration #dyei5 #dyedsr #dyem2

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