We play paintball. More specifically, the fast-paced, high-intensity sport of paintball. 

We are not afforded the same opportunities as mainstream sports or even other extreme sports. It is unlikely any of us will ever get a scholarship or make a living playing this game, but isn’t going to stop us from trying.

What we do have is a dream. A goal. We are here to leave our mark on the sport we love. We take our unique style of rage and grace to paintball tournaments across the country, in our quest to be the best

In 2017, we played the MSXL Series with two lines: D4 RaceTo-4 & D4 RaceTo-2. In six events we brought home 6 First Place Wins and 1 Series Championship. 

In 2018, we won the MSXL D3 Series, taking a podium spot at each of the 4 events. We also took 2nd place in the D3 NXL North American Cup, which was played by the Series Champions from 6 NXL Affiliate Leagues in North America at World Cup.

Some may love us. 

Some may hate us. 

All will have to deal with us. 


6 days ago

Phenomenon STL

Today little Sawyer was in attendance at our team meeting & planning his paintball debut.Welcome to the family, Sawyer. The newest member of Phenomenon, and a #SnakeDiva in training, was born Monday, 12/4/17. Congrats to Mom, Megan, and Dad, @wakaflockaross. ...

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1 week ago

Phenomenon STL
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2 weeks ago

Phenomenon STL

It’s going to be cold next weekend, so instead of airball, join us for some recball, private-party style, at Xtreme Paintball Park on Sunday. Airball pricing unless you join Open Play (which you don’t want to do). Noms are having a team meeting at 10 & will play after. Be sure to give the secret phrase “Janelle has unlimited administrative passes” to get in. ...

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